Whatever our celebration, whatever songs we sing, whatever prayers we pray, may we all continue to share our hope, our love and our goodness.  This is the perfect time of year to be on the lookout for miracles...and angels in disguise.  After all, not all angels come with wings. They might be the person holding you when you weep, joining with you in a special project, laughing at the grocery checkout stand, helping you fix a flat tire. Some profoundly move us, others are lighthearted.

One of my favorite holiday angels came lasting year as I was hustling to my car from the Dollar Store.  A kind of ragged looking fella surprised me with a cheery hello.  He excitedly asked, “Have you got a quarter in your purse?”  The way he said it made me laugh and feel special, as if I was a contestant on a television game show.

I rarely carry much money, but I rummaged through my purse and found a quarter!  I was so excited and happy to hand the “prize” over to him.  I turned to continue on my way, but the spry little man called, “Wait a minute!  You gave me a gift, now I want to give something to you.”  He then proceeded to dance a lively jig—right in the middle of the parking lot.  I laughed aloud and thanked him for lifting my spirits.  He was my special angel, one I’ll always remember.

May you come to recognize the angels that come your way this holiday season.

We have a wonderful gift for YOU in the new year...TC IANDS is back!  By popular demand, Thurston  County International Association of Near Death Studies will resume in person gatherings at the Lacey Library beginning JANUARY 10th, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  Once again, you’ll have the opportunity to share stories of near death experiences (NDEs) and sudden transformative experiences (STEs) with each other.  You will also learn about the tremendous amount of worldwide research being done regarding this very relevant topic.

As  a special kickoff, we’ll feature two well known, special presenters:

** Donna Seebo, our featured speaker **

Intuitive clairvoyant, International Mental Practitioner, Counselor, Speaker, Teacher, Award-Winning Author, Minister and Radio/TV Personality, Talk Show Host/Producer of ‘The Donna Seebo Show and 'Warriors for Pace’. Donna will offer remarkable insights from years of gathering NDE and STE stories  You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity!


🎶 Gretchen Christopher 🎶

Singer, songwriter and one of the founders of the musical group, the Fleetwoods, Gretchen will celebrate our long awaited time together with two special songs from her new album, Gretchen’s SWEET. SIXTEEN (Suite 16). For a preview, check out

Many peaceful blessings as you “in-joy” your winter days ahead!

Jackie Huetter, Thurston County IANDS coordinator