March 16, 2020: Dr. Mary Neal CANCELLED


Thurston County IANDS (formerly known as Lacey/Oly NDE) offers a most unusual NDE story on Monday, March 16th. From 3:00 to 6 pm., at the Lacey Library. This will be a recorded presentation of an international IANDS guest speaker, physician and author.

Dr. Mary Neal is a board-certified spinal surgeon who experienced the reality of heaven after drowning while kayaking on a South American river. She conversed with Jesus, experienced God’s all-encompassing love, and experienced many miracles. Her life-changing story is one of hope, understanding, and joy.

Our session will offer, with her permission, Mary Neal’s recorded talk followed by an open ended discussion about several aspects of her experience. We will also cover any related topics the group wishes to share. All are welcome to attend this free monthly program.

We meet the third Monday of of every month.  Near Death experiencers, ordinary people who have had memorable moments, hospice workers, first responders, firefighters, those in grief, and those who are just plain curious benefit from the stories and questions shared.  These discussions are lively and rejuvenating!

A shared snack table is always available, as is a give and take free book exchange on related topics.  Questions?  Email Jackie Huetter at