CAROLYN’S STORY (October, 2023)

Carolyn Smith enters “the soft velvety blackness…”

 It looks like there’s more reason to gather! My friend, Carolyn Smith, has both a deep faith and a passion for giving back to the community. She has worked in healthcare for the past 30 years, shoulder to shoulder with life, death, and all the unusual and surprising events that go along with it. During the middle of Covid and on a beautiful Saturday in May, 2022. Carolyn fell in her backyard and hit her head. While unconscious and laying on the ground she experienced something she really didn't understand. How could this be true? Was she going crazy?

After researching NDE's and connecting with IANDS, Carolyn can now confidently share her story of “crossing over” and the unusual experience she had—which includes a roller coaster of events. Carolyn is completely humbled by her experience and grateful to be given the opportunity to alter the outcome of the event that happened to her. 

 Monday, October 16Th, 3:00 - 5:30 Lacey Library (500 College Ave., Lacey) FREE! 

Info: We’ll follow our usual format. There will be a brief description of Thurston County IANDS, then Carolyn will have the podium for most of our time together, followed by questions and open discussion. I can’t promise we’ll be able to meet every month as we have in the past, but I’ll keep you posted if new opportunities crop up. It will be a delight to see everyone—and new folks as well. See you soon! 
💫 Jackie Huetter, TC-IANDS coordinator