July 2022 Thurston County IANDS: A SENSE OF PURPOSE


  LIFE’S STEPPING STONES                                                       

A friend told me she woke one morning from a peaceful dream and sighed, “Being mortal can be very inconvenient!”  We deal with gravity, time, weather, bodies etc.on a daily basis.  We cling to life, yet wonder about it—especially after a Near Death Experience, when we’ve discovered what it’s like beyond “the veil”. And yet, those who return to their human state most often do so with a genuine sense of purpose.  This makes living feel important and gives meaning to each day.  It’s not amazing how much good unfolds from dawn to dusk, and we got to be a part of it!

Our July guest speaker, Kathy Sterling, from Seattle IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies), found her way in life, step by step, as her purpose and direction gradually became clear. She writes, “My NDE (near death experience) was a brief encounter with Jesus during a routine tonsillectomy at the age of seven, but the after-effects kept coming as my compass…Miracles happen…Synchronicities and coincidences remind us to be mindful.  I will share many of the miracles that continue to give my life meaning.”

We are very pleased to have Kathy join us. She has been actively involved in leadership roles with Seattle IANDS for more than 30 years.  After being introduced to this program, Kathy knew she’d found a very special clue to her past and future. But little did she know what amazing impact it would have, one that actually uncovered her soul’s path and purpose.

Kathy Sterling of Seattle IANDS
Monday, July 18th.  1 - 4 pm
** (the THIRD Monday in July) **
Lacey Library (500 College St. SE)
Open to public.  FREE
Website: ThurstonCountyIANDS.org

On another note, The Annual IANDS Conference will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 31st thru September 4th.  Registrations are now open.

May we all find purpose and meaning as we move onward and upward!
Jackie Huetter
Thurston County IANDS coordinator 

 Kathy Sterling, Guest speaker