MAY 2022: A Unique Insight

 May 9th, from 1:00 to 3:30 pm., at the Lacey Library (500 College Ave. SE, LACEY)…


Janice Perkins, born in Sacramento CA, was an identical twin in an ordinary middle-class family.  She and her twin shared an uncanny telepathy, with their own unique language and quirky gestures.  When they met people they didn’t know, they would pick up on information about these individuals, which later was confirmed.  Janice was also a sleepwalker throughout her early childhood.  Her mother would hide the key to the inside deadbolt to keep Janice safely inside at night.  Janice was able to find it in her deep sleep.

In 1968, Perkins’ twin died.  Ten months later,  janice contracted the Hong Kong flu and had a Near Death/Out of Body Experience.

Little did she know that event would lead her to a higher level, that included psychic and clairvoyent experiences.  These included visitations from angels, spirits (living and deceased) and ultimately working with law enforcement on a missing child case in 1991


Come listen to Janice Perkins’ insightful story!  All are welcome to our free presentations, where questions and lively conversation enrich us all.  A snack table (no fee) and Give-and-Take Books are also available.

Janice Perkins