STAYING CONNECTED 

What a treat to see so many familiar faces (at least part of their faces) at our first in-person gathering at the Lacey Library in two years.  It truly felt like old times, along with fine new people added as well. The energy was as friendly and inquisitive as ever.

We began with two lovely tunes, offered by singer/songwriter, Gretchen Christopher.  She played two songs, one from her CD and one she’d written recently.  I thought the lyrics to Come Softly to Me were especially apropos.

Donna Seebo, radio broadcaster, writer, intuitive counselor and multi gifted speaker was our presenter. Donna spoke of many aspects of her life and service.  She shared from her inner wisdom and even offered short, clairvoyant insights to individuals in the group.  

What resonated most was Donna’s comments about fear.  I understood her to say that fear can be heavy like a stone inside a heart.  It can stop us in our tracks, or make us want to throw it at someone or something.  However, if we bravely recognize the fear stone, we can turn it over and examine it from a different angle.  Then, we can gain a new perspective and let the fear go.

Shortly after her talk, I had to face an unexpected encounter that startled me.  Remembering Donna’s words, I paused and looked at it from a different angle…kind of like with the help of Love from the “other side.”  I was able to react without tension and in a friendly manner.  The problem I was facing resolved.  Wow!  Is this a new tool I can add to my “survival kit?”  Maybe I can toss out an old one, like my “hammer.”

We learn so much from each other, whether we connect online, one-on-one or with in-person gatherings.  It’s like we’re all a huge jigsaw puzzle (animals, plants etc. included).  We go through life, piecing together bits of colorful truths, hoping someday to see the entire masterpiece.  Sometimes we group together certain puzzle colors because they have some common features.  Other times we search and search for that one piece that is hard to find. It’s so great when it is found and fits into place.

It’s not IANDS alone who adds pieces to our Puzzle. There are tons of resources, now, that allow us to explore the intangible.  There’s Donna Seebo’s Radio Show, Nancy Rebecca’s Intuitive Mind programs, Robin Landsong’s healing through song workshops, Maureen Belle’s animal communication seminars, some open-minded spiritual communities and so many more.  I’d be safe to wager you know of someone who’s had an NDE or an STE (Sudden transformative experience).  Invite him/her in and glean from each other, over a cup of coffee.

Okay, so now for the not so good news…because the ol’ Omicron continues to pack a punch in our local area, we’ll need to hold off from gathering for a couple of months, instead of meeting in February, we’ll bump our reservation with the Lacey Library to April.  We’re hoping to schedule it for April 11th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. (I’ll be able to confirm that soon and will announce the date again in our next newsletter.).  

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about NDEs, STEs or TC IANDS, please feel free to email thurstoncountyiands.com 

You are all beautiful pieces in an amazing Masterpiece! 🧩 
Jackie Huetter, Thurston County IANDS coordinator