NEW!..Thurston county IANDS September 2021.

Congratulations!  You made it through a rather tops turvy month.  On that note, some of our regular TC IANDS attendees have expressed hesitancy over resuming onsite sessions at the Lacey Library in September, because of the new Covid surge.  I’m also mindful of caregivers who want to participate, but can’t without compromising their health and/or those they serve.  Bottom line is, our group needs more time before getting together at the library.  We’ll probably need to wait until the new year.

But let’s not throw in the towel yet!  We’re still able to glean much from many in our local area, who inspire us with books, blogs, radio shows and Zoom.  We can also offer each other one-on-one sharing over a cup of coffee or a visit.  Perhaps this waiting period will  allow you to tell your NDE/STE story to a trusted friend.  You in turn, can listen and honor theirs.  Maybe this is exactly what’s supposed to be happening, for now.  If any of you wish to mull over a Near Death Experience (NDE) or a Sudden Transformative Experience (STE) with me, I certainly invite you to contact me.  Just send me an email, and we can set up a meeting time, either by phone or visit.

Meanwhile, here’s something I’ve begun to notice lately.  Many researchers and NDE experiencers claim that we are all made up of energy.  Okay, so how does this have anything to do with our everyday, tangible lives?  How does it help when we miss our loved ones (both those who’ve passed on or are living far away)?  I posed this question to my Sacred One and to my “friends beyond the veil.”  I then found myself recalling certain specific individuals, who are presently, or used to be, in my life.  

One by one, people came to mind.  When I thought of “Joe,” I wanted to chuckle while remembering his fun-loving German laugh.  Good energy!  I thought of a little foster grandbaby I can no longer be with, and relived our soft, sweet smelling hugs.  Recalling a a beloved woman friend, the warmth of her patient wisdom filled me. I thought of a person who used to give me uncomfortable “pricklies”. I experienced relief that it isn’t happening anymore.  All energy!  The best part is, when we recall with love, compassion, humor and understanding; our energy becomes a kind of prayer.

So, when we’re far apart, we can experience each other by reliving their “spirit energy”.  I like this.  I think I’ll ponder more. I can even re-receive the sweet caress of a lovely tree that had to be felled because of weather changes,  I can hold a compassionate bond with an old, one-eyed squirrel in my backyard.  I can even imagine that public figures like Mr. Rogers or Abraham Lincoln are still a vibrant part of energy life!  Whether we’re together in person or not, we remain truly connected!