About near-death experiences and Lacey/Oly NDE

A young woman, during a difficult childbirth, leaves her body, tumbles through a tunnel, relives her life as if on a screen, merges with bright light and is wrapped in perfect love. She also is given knowledge of changes humans must make to heal themselves and their planet.

A near-death experience (NDE) is a phenomenon that can happen to a person during an event when the physical life could/should end but doesn't.

Heart attacks, major illnesses, serious accidents, every unique childbirths are examples of such dramatic moments. Since the beginning of recorded history, written accounts of near-death experiences have been noted--shared by people from ancient cultures, by saints (such as St. Paul), world renown figures and even by ordinary people in our local communities.

Today's research indicates that 35-40% of adults and/or children who come close to death will later report some kind of profoundly transformative experience. These accounts are now recognized in hospitals, homes, universities, assisted living facilities, hospice settings and some military rehab, centers as viable and of great value.

What do people typically experience with an NDE? Although no two NDEs are identical, studies have 
found recurring patterns, which may include
  • An awareness of leaving the physical body and viewing the immediate environment.

  • The sudden cessation of physical pain, accompanied by a tremendous feeling of peace and well-being.
  • A very broad awareness of life, often described as more real than "this reality."
  • Moving rapidly through darkness or a "tunnel."
  • Encountering a radiant lights and overwhelming love.
  • Witnessing and reliving a life review and reuniting with deceased loved ones.
  • Entering a spiritual realm, often described as heavenly or otherworldly
  • Reaching a boundary that must not be crossed if one is to re-enter physical life again.
  • A remembrance of returning to the body.
NDErs find they no longer fear death, but also become aware of their earthly time as being of great value
 and purpose, no matter what their circumstances. They typically return feeling more loving, giving and forgiving. Many come back with greater sensitivities, including increased precognition, insights and 
healing abilities. NDErs tend to have less preoccupation with social trivia or financial gain. Personality changes can occur that may be so fundamental as to confuse family members, friends and business acquaintances.

The Seattle International Association for Near-Death Studies is a long-standing credible organization, where people of all walks of life and professions come to monthly gatherings to discuss some aspect of the
 Near Death subject. Some participants have done so for over 25 years. Visit the Seattle IANDS website to learn of upcoming events.

Many in our Lacey, Olympia and surrounding areas have expressed interest in hearing and sharing NDE 
stories and questions. Unfortunately, they find it too difficult to travel all the way to Seattle. The good news is that Lacey/Oly NDE, an offshoot of Seattle IANDS, gathers one Monday of every month at 
the Lacey Timberland Library Presentations are FREE, and everyone is welcome.

For more information on Lacey/Oly NDE, email Jackie Huetter at thurstoncountyiands@gmail.com. Jackie is an active member of IANDS, has had a near-death experience and has led several grief and hospice workshops locally and within the U.S.